The National Centre for the Prosecution of Animal Cruelty (NCPAC) is a community of Prosecutors and allied professionals from across Canada who are working together in the service of the public interest to support the effective and efficient prosecution of animal welfare offences.

As a program of Humane Canada™ the NCPAC includes representative Crown Prosecutors from the majority of Canadian provinces together with allied professionals working in any field involved in prosecuting animal welfare offences (for example animal enforcement and animal protection officers, veterinarians (and other animal care professionals), lawyers, policymakers, academics and articled students interested in pursuing a career as a prosecutor).

Our aim is to assist Prosecutors and allied professionals in achieving appropriate, consistent and proportional outcomes for animal welfare offences.

The NCPAC achieves these goals through:

  • • making available educational resources including the NCPAC Resource Centre and the NCPAC Case Law Database;
  • • providing learning opportunities, including via the annual National Prosecution of Animal Abuse Conference;
  • • facilitating knowledge exchange and networking so that the NCPAC community can share information, resources and experiences etc.; and
  • • engaging with legal and policy developments that can assist in the effective and efficient prosecution of animal abuse cases. 

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