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NCPAC is proud to present a series of webinars specifically designed for Crown prosecutors/attorneys and allied professionals involved or interested in the prosecution of animal abuse cases. These webinars are delivered by field experts and recognized for Continuing Legal Education/Continuing Professional Development, where applicable. Further written materials are also available on the secure portal.

For access to this secure portal, please click here, where you will find instructions.

Prosecution Manual

This manual provides an introduction to animal cruelty prosecution in Canada.

Criminal Code Index

This index provides reference cases relevant to individual sections of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Approval/Prosecution Flow Chart

These flow charts lay out the steps to be considered and taken in the investigation, charge approval and prosecution of animal cruelty cases.

Examples of Veterinary Reports

This document details when it is appropriate to seek the expertise of veterinarians, forensic veterinarians, animal pathologists and other experts in animal abuse cases.